Oven Baked Mini Omelettes In Muffin Pan


When I was searching for something different for a family brunch and decided to go with the bacon cinnamon rolls, I found this recipe. It didn’t make the final cut, but I did use it later for just my own family and will use it again for another brunch. Seriously, I’m loving the idea of getting together from brunch on the weekend. Everyone’s ready to go at about two and finish their shopping or home projects.

We all had time together, the kids got to play and I’m finished and everything is clean by two-thirty. The last dinner party I had lasted until the wee hours of the morning, because once everyone ate and the kids fell asleep, nobody wanted to make the long trip home.

I cooked most of the ingredients ahead of time and had them ready to go into the omelet right before the guests came. I popped them into the oven when the last guest arrived and served a citrus salad, my favorite, coffee and toast with it. I also had a salad ready if anyone wanted it, but everyone chose just to stick with breakfast type foods so we had grilled cheese sandwiches and a salad for dinner.

This was so easy to make and clean up afterward, I may never have another dinner party again.

image: onepotchef

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