DIY Penguin Christmas Ornaments

Contrary to popular belief, people appreciate the most those gifts that were handmade, instead of stuff purchased from a store. They suggest the fact that the one who awards them found the recipient so important that he or she decided to take a hands-on approach.

Time is the most valuable thing a person could spend, so these heartfelt gifts are usually more valuable than expensive ones. The same applies to Christmas ornaments and the fact is that even something as unassuming as a plastic bottle can serve as a starting point in the creative process.


By cutting them in half and using regular product such as glue, black marker and acrylic paint they can be transformed into remarkable Christmas decorations. Obviously, you will need a bit of imagination to come up with the best ornaments, but if you have no idea what to do with these bottles, try converting them into Christmas penguins.

The center of the bottle needs to be removed and bottoms placed on top of other bottles, to create a charming cap for the penguins.

Get creative and choose your favorite colors to paint these funny little fellows, then enjoy the results of your work with those close to you.

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