Coloring Your Grey Hair with Leftover Potato Skins? Really!


This is so amazing, I had to share it as soon as I saw it. I’m always gone when Rachel Ray is on TV, but I love the videos of her show. I found this one quite by accident one night and can hardly wait to use it. Since nothing goes to waste in my house, the thought of using potato skins to color my hair was really intriguing.

I think I’ll try it over the weekend, just to see how well it works. If it’s a hit, then no more coloring for me, just meat and potatoes, without the meat or the insides of the potatoes. It’s healthier for your hair than the harsh coloring that often frays the ends and breaks the shafts.

This idea also seemed great for those times when you’re going out for the evening and notice your roots are no longer matching your hair. Rather like the dark seam showing on faded jeans, only in reverse. It could be a last minute fix if you’re out of coloring and just want a touch up to hide the color difference.

Watch and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. Rachel Ray cracks me up with her humor.

Credit: Rachel Ray Show

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