Powerful Plant that Kills Cancer Cells and Fights Diabetes


Every day scientists are realizing that sometimes the best cures for serious diseases don’t come from test tubes but from nature. The challenge is to find out which ones work. For centuries there have been inexpensive and effective plants or combinations of natural ingredients that have been used to reverse the growth of the rapidly duplicating cancer cells that starve and crowd out the healthy ones.

Scientists know that low oxygen levels can change a normal cell to a cancer cell that ferments sugar rather than utilizes oxygen as it’s means of survival. Some natural substances already found to help control cancer or eliminate it include the shiitake mushroom, the Budwig diet of cottage cheese and flaxseed oil, broccoli, curcumin (found in turmeric), baking soda that doesn’t contain aluminum, green, white and black tea and optimal vitamin D levels.

New discoveries are made every day. One of these is often found in Thai, Chinese or other Asian country dishes. It’s called bitter melon and how zoomed to popularity in Okinawa and other parts of Japan. One study showed that a a mixture of the juice from this fruit with five percent water can take on pancreatic cancer cells and win up to 90 percent of the time. The study was done on mice, but will soon be replicated on humans.

If you’re of average height and weight, just using 6 grams of bitter melon powder mixed with water can help you control diabetes. It also helps metabolic problems. New studies are showing great results with many of the natural ingredients. In fact, many Indian and other Asian recipes use both curcumin and bitter melon, so you might just be able to cook yourself to a healthier you!

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