How to Reduce Pimple and Acne Redness Using Aspirin Mask


You can only imagine my skepticism when hearing about the Aspirin Mask as a definitive remedy for acne, but the facts were pretty convincing. It makes perfect sense to use aspirin for annihilating bacteria, and since these are responsible for the acne outbreak in the first place, I thought that this treatment is worth a shot. Add to this the fact that it costs very little to create and apply such a mask, and you’ve got plenty of reasons not to dismiss the aspirin mask.

The active ingredient in aspirin is salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that does a brilliant job cleaning out pores by killing the bacteria infesting them. These microscopic creatures are responsible for more than acne, so if you are battling pimples or persistent redness in your skin, you would probably solve the problem with this remedy.

The effects are almost immediate and unlike other homemade remedies that are hit or miss, the aspirin mask is guaranteed to work. The only thing that you need to make sure of is to have your skin clean before applying the concoction.

Credit: Cysticacnehelp

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