How to Remove White Heat Stains from Wood Furniture

If your friends or family just can’t get it through their heads to use coasters when putting hot cups of coffee or containers of food on your wooden coffee table, don’t fret because there’s a way to get rid of those ugly white heat stains.

What’s interesting is that heat can also make them disappear.

How to remove white heat stains from wood
How to remove white heat stains from wood

There are a few ways of doing that. One would be to take an iron and apply heat directly to the cloudy stains and they’ll disappear. Before that, wash the surface and dry it well. 

Take a clean, cotton towel and place it over the scorch marks. Place the iron on top of the towel, directly over the stain and let it sit for close to a minute. 

Make sure you turn the steam on because otherwise this will have no effect. The marks will disappear. Make sure you wipe the water and moisture immediately after.

After you pull the iron and the towel up, the stains should be gone, and you can apply a little olive oil or mineral oil to the wood to finish it off after the stains are gone.

How to remove
from Wood

Step by Step Tutorial

Step #1

① Place a clean thin cotton towel (not too thick) on top of the scorched area with white marks.

how to remove white heat marks on wood

Step #2

② Set your iron to high heat and turn the steam on (if steamer is not available), you can spritz some water on the towel and place the iron on top of the it.

Step #3

③ Continue to put the iron on top, hovering over the spot until the magic will happen and watch the white mark disappear literally. Wipe away the moisture and water on the surface after each treatment.

TIP: Finish things off by wiping in a bit of olive oil after successfully using this trick.

Some Precaution: I’m not an expert and to be honest I was clueless if this trick made some damage on the finish. All I did was to try this trick and it worked for me.

Note:  I heard other people claiming inconsistency on how this technique works on their furniture. I believe the difference varies from what type of finish the furniture is made of.. shellac or varnish. Our table is varnish.

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