Make Your Lip Color Last: The Secret to Long-Lasting Lipstick


I never realized I had the start of wrinkles until the other day. It was at the worst possible time, too. I wanted to make a good impression, and unfortunately, my lipstick felt differently.

Rather than staying put, it oozed way off my lips and feathered out into the most little ridges around my lips, accentuating any tiny wrinkles that I might have and feathering enough to create the appearance of even more.

You won’t have that problem after watching this video. I tested it myself to see if it worked and it does. Just by taking the extra time to prime my lips, the color stayed on beautifully, lasting for hours without creeping where it wasn’t supposed to go. Whether your lipstick fades or takes to the road, moving elsewhere on your face, you’ll find the techniques in this video helps.

credit: SN Makeup artist