Everyone, Including Simon Cowell, Misted Up When X-Factor Contestant Sang This Song


If you watch the X-Factor very often, you’ll often see people with voices that sound like angels, rockers who make you get up and dance in your own living room and some people that make you wonder how they made that far in the auditions. It’s rare, however, to find a contestant who expresses so much emotion when he sings that he makes the entire audience and the judges well up in tears, including bad boy Simon Cowell. Josh Daniels managed to do just that and won a ticket to the next round.

The song was Jealous, originally by Labrinth. While it was probably meant to be a love song, Josh took it to the next level, stating it was for his best friend who passed away. When you listen to the song, the words and the emotion Josh put into the song, you could see why he chose it and couldn’t help but cry. Cowell, having recently lost his mother was obviously moved, wiping tears from his eyes throughout the audition. This video is worth the watch, not necessarily to see Simon cry, but to listen to this amazing rendition that will have you running to find the Kleenex.

Credit: XFactor UK

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