Skillet Chicken Alfredo – Easy Recipe


If you’re like me, spending time preparing dinner after a long day is not on my favorites list. This great Chicken Alfredo recipe takes only minutes of prep time and looks absolutely delicious. I could hardly wait to try it and it’s looks did not deceive. It was divine. I can’t actually tell you how long the prep time was, but I can tell you what it involved.

The video suggested rotisserie chicken, which would be easy enough to pick up, but I had leftover chicken I used that was already cut off the bone and in the freezer. I started a pot of water boiling, threw the bag of chicken in the microwave to defrost and went to change into something more comfortable. By the time I got back into the kitchen, the water was boiling, so I threw in the penne and poured myself a cup of coffee. The rest of the actual preparation time was under 2 minutes. It made an amazing meal my family loved.

Credit: Delish