A Unique Twist on Baked Potatoes

I couldn’t believe how easy these potatoes were to make and how they freed up oven space by using a slow cooker. This YouTube video by OnePotChefShow has the perfect solution to making baked potatoes without using an oven. Even though they make a great dish to take to a family get together, since they stay warm in the slow cooking pot for hours, I can picture these as part of any summer meal, where turning on the oven really isn’t an option in my home.

I tried making potatoes like this for one of the holiday get-togethers. It was a half hour drive to the home where it was held and dinner wasn’t for an hour. I did take the entire slow cooker with me and plugged it in on low when I got there. I also took butter from grass fed cows, plenty of sour cream, a small dish of crumbled bacon and chopped green onions to put on top. Everyone loved this idea and the potatoes and toppings were gone in no time.

Watch the video below to get inspired by his genius and convenient trick.

Credit: OnepotChefShow