Why You Should Be Massaging Your Feet Before Going To Sleep… Who Knew?


No matter how much we advance, we shouldn’t eliminate those simple remedies that work. Unfortunately, most doctors put no credence in some of the alternative practices, such as acupuncture, massage or herbal therapies.

Some of these work well for many simple problems. They can eliminate aches and pains faster than a powerful and toxic pill, but have no side effects. That’s one reason people are now looking to alternative treatments for simple ailments and leaving the pills on the shelf.

If you’ve never heard of reflexology, it’s a bit like acupressure combined with massage, but for the hands and feet. The principle behind it is that by stimulating the nerves in these two areas, you get results in other areas of your body from the increased circulation.

If you’ve never tried it, it’s amazing. There are tips and ways of massage that can help relieve headaches, insomnia, and backaches.

This massage video from Rich Poley is a good way to start. He gives you step-by-step directions that you can do while watching the video.

I know I had my socks and shoes off and was massaging my feet. I watched it a second time, on the other foot.

Credit: Rich Poley

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