Could Something as Simple as Lemon Juice and Baking Soda Be a Cancer Cure?


There’s so much misinformation about cancer cures online that it’s tough to figure out whether any of these help. While many of these are anecdotal stories or repetitions from one website that spread through the net, some may have validity. Best of all, many of these won’t hurt you, unlike chemo that can have disastrous results.

Why is the information being withheld?

Some say it’s because most of these us natural products and you can’t patent natural products so there’s no money in it. Others say that it’s because there’s no scientific study that backs these and can irrefutably prove they work. They then mention that scientific studies cost money and nobody will do them unless there’s a potential for profit.

I have a philosophy that you always try the least harmful and invasive method first, so am a huge proponent of natural cures. Luckily, I have a doctor that agrees with me, even though I seldom see him.

When I saw this natural cancer cure, I was blown away. It seems to have some merit. There have been numerous studies that showed cancer grows in an acidic environment that’s low in oxygen levels. Lemon is a natural alkalizer even though it’s initially acidic. Once it gets into the body, it creates an alkalizing effect. Lemon juice also contains antimicrobial properties that help fight off infection. It also contains vitamin C that fights free radicals that can cause damage to the cells and contains a phytochemical called limonoide that has properties to fight cancer.

Baking Soda
Baking soda alkalizes too. One study showed it inhibits the growth of tumors and now the University of Arizona’s Cancer Center is conducting a study that investigates the use of sodium bicarbonate—baking soda—to shrink tumors in breast cancer victims. When you combine the use of both of these, you get a powerful anti-cancer treatment.

How to Do it:
The method of use is simple and non-toxic, both of which fit into my personal medical wheelhouse. The combination only affects cancer cells and doesn’t destroy healthy cells around it.

  • You simply mix a half teaspoon of baking soda with the juice from a half of lemon with a glass of water and drink it between meals so the food doesn’t interfere with its effectiveness.

This treatment has no side effects like cancer therapies and according to the Cancer Alternative Foundation, when it is properly used, pH therapy has an 80percent success rate, far higher than traditional treatment. Since there are so many different types of cancer and so many different reasons for the development of it, not all types of treatments work for all people, whether using mainstream or alternative therapies.

One thing is certain, most of the alternative solutions use natural ingredients and combine inexpensive techniques, such as a program of increased regular exercise, to keep cancer from growing or eliminate the problem entirely. Compare that to the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent each year for treatment that actually weakens patients and makes their final days miserable.

While this is not medical advice, but food for thought and my opinion only, I would investigate all options before selecting my treatment.

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