How To Speed Up Ironing Using Aluminum Foil | Other Clever Hacks Using Aluminum Foil


Aluminum foil does more than just wrap up food. It’s a wonder material that can do everything from polishing silver, eliminating static in the dryer, and even remove rust.

Iron two sides at once! Lining the top of your ironing board can make ironing go faster. The foil reflects the heat, and you get both sides with one glide. There’s a technique to speed up the ironing process and makes it easier to smooth out any stubborn creases.

Just hold down the steam button, pass the iron over the fabric several times, keeping it 3-4 inches above the garment. The wet heat radiating from the foil will zap wrinkles.

Another hacks using aluminum foil:
MacGyver your batteries and save a trip to the store. AAA batteries can double for AA batteries if you have some foil on hand. Put foil on the positive tips of the battery to hold them in place, and they’ll work like a charm. It’s a great solution late at night when the last thing you want to do is go shopping.

Credit: householdhacker

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