Super Easy Strawberry Cheesecake Chocolate Cups Recipe


You don’t have to have a special holiday to serve this dessert. It will change an ordinary day to one. However, during any busy holiday season, this decadent dessert will delight your friends and have the begging for more. You’ll be cooking like a pastry chef when you make this, but they’re so simple to make, you can ask the kids to help. Alas, Yummy Food on YouTube is where I found this great recipe. It’s easier to watch her explain it as she’s making the cheesecakes, but I’ll add a little input after you’ve viewed.

The list of ingredients was simple, cream cheese, strawberry jam, condensed milk, vanilla extract, strawberries, disposable cups and one final ingredient, double cream. If you don’t know what double cream is, you probably live in the US. Double cream is a British term for heavy cream or whipping cream, but it’s even thicker than the US whipping cream.

Don’t worry, regular whipping cream or heavy cream will work. You’ll impress your guests with the finished product or make your family feel special when you serve these. Don’t tell them how easy they were to make, but do tell everyone you’ve done the cheesecake minis special just for them.

Credit: AllasYummyFood

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