A Super Trick That Makes the Baby Doze Off in Seconds


A fussy baby who refuses to close his or her eyes and cries every time you leave the room can be the ultimate frustration for any new parent. While you want your baby to love you and want to be with you, you’d also like that baby to sleep so you have time to do fun things like wash your face, go to the bathroom or even get a few hours of sleep yourself.

You’ve probably tried rocking your baby, singing to the baby or even just standing by the crib patting the baby rhythmically on the back but the minute you stop or put the baby back into the crib, his or her eyes pop wide open and you’ve got another stint at rocking, patting or singing.

When I saw this video on Today, I went bananas. Indeed this is one of the most unusual, yet probably most effective methods I’ve ever seen. Because it doesn’t require much effort and works so fast, it’s a technique that every parent should learn. While not all babies respond to this, I remember being so desperate at one time, I would have tried anything to get the baby to go and stay asleep.

I even rubbed her hands gently, because rubbing the cat’s paws seemed to make the cat sleep so I thought I’d give it a try.

Watch the video and see for yourself. You’ll be amazed at how effective this one is.

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