The Many Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

Don’t let the name deceive you because despite its name, hydrogen peroxide is a natural substance that is found in all living things. It is not only widespread but also very effective for homemade remedies and due to its versatility can be used as a universal cleaner. There are so many things it is good for, that it would be quite a shame not to check out its properties and give it a try. I know for a fact that if you let it work its magic in both bathroom and kitchen, the results will exceed even your wildest expectations.

What is interesting about hydrogen peroxide is that it has been around for many years but only recently it became a popular cleaner in many households. Its chemical formula is almost identical to water, with the odd oxygen atom making the difference, which explains why it is so easy to acquire and inexpensive. If you are as concerned about germs and bacteria as I am, you will surely appreciate the fact that it works well in removing pesticides and all the microscopic creatures plaguing our vegetables.

It is an all-around cleaner for the kitchen, and has the ability of removing even the most persistent stains, without damaging the surface. You can use it to clean metal, plastic and even wood without worrying about any traces left, because it poses no risks for health. In fact it is so safe that it became a popular ingredient in various beauty masks and even for mouthwashes.

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