How to Thicken your Lashes Naturally with DIY Eyelash Thickening Serum


I’m always in the lookout for the new DIYs and finally, I found this brow/eyelash conditioner and hair growth that really worked for me. Of course, this is also very helpful in growing your eyebrows as well. I’ve been doing this experiment for a month now and can see a difference.

Remember that a little goes a long way-you don’t want the oil running down your face all night so get a minimal amount on your mascara wand before you apply. You can still see without too much blurriness after you’ve applied, it’s actually very comfortable.

You have nothing to lose with making this serum. Even if it doesn’t lengthen your lashes, it will nourish your delicate hairs and protect them from falling out. I don’t think anyone can spare eye lashes!

Credit: AlexandraGirlytalk