Simple Tricks To Make Your Breasts Appear Much Larger : Tips for the Perfect Fit (Bra)


I hate bra shopping. I have an odd size that never seems to be available, no matter where I look. Then, when I get home and start wearing the bra, it doesn’t feel comfortable or rides up easily. That leaves me constantly pulling the bra down in front lest everything oozes out underneath it.

Often I stash the new bra in my alternate emergency bra pile, which now has about fifteen bras. My good bra stack still only has two and no matter how hard I try, it doesn’t seem to grow.

When I watched this video, I realized I was actually buying the wrong size. When the bra rode up, letting me slide out, it wasn’t because the straps were too tight, it was because the band was too big! That one tip from this video helped me dramatically on my next bra shopping trip. I finally found a bra that fit perfectly, just by changing the size to a smaller one.

Hooray! If you have problems finding the right size, you’ll love this video by BHS.

Credit: BHS