Uncovers Way To Hack Those Fussy Plastic Earring Backs


You probably noticed those miniature Frisbees on the back of your earrings but if you were like me, didn’t really think about why they were there. At first, I thought it prevented the earring back from putting too much pressure on my ear or maybe it was just for looks or helped it stay on the display card better. So many thoughts came to mind, but just in case it was for something important, I always kept them on the earrings.

It turns out that it was a good idea. The little plastic disc has a big purpose. They do protect your ear, but not from the back of the earring, from the post. They spread the weight and prevent the post from putting all the pressure on the hole that can stretch it out completely and may even rip it completely through if the earrings are heavy. I met a woman who had that happen and believe me, it’s not pretty. While she can no longer wear pierced earrings, I make sure that it won’t happen to me. I even found some that were sold separately to put on my earrings without them.

Credit: Chelsea Smith/Twitter

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