10 Surprising Ways to Use Vinegar : The Inexpensive Household Helper that Costs Pennies to Use

10 Surprising ways to use vinegar

I swear by it for cleaning tubs because vinegar has super powers when it comes to calcium build up and rust stains, but it also has other super powers that are often overlooked, besides making a salad delicious. Vinegar has earned it’s right to be a power to recon with in the kitchen, making good dishes great and rice fluffier.

If you just stopped there it would be enough, considering just how inexpensive it can be. However, that’s not all vinegar does. White distilled vinegar is king of cleaning doing everything from keeping flowers fresh to keeping pets from invading areas where they’re not welcome. Apple cider vinegar also has a multitude of uses, but the king of cleaning will always be white vinegar, while apple cider vinegar is the king of good health.

After learning those ten almost magical ways vinegar can help in your home, I’m sure you’ll try them and develop a healthy respect for this unsung hero of household help. Next time you shop for tub and sink cleaners, read the label. Most of them will contain acetic acid. Vinegar is primarily acetic acid, but without all the help from a marketer to make it great.

Watch the video below and try these 10 hacks, you’ll be amazed at how well they work.

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