25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in less Than 5 Minutes


With winter coming, scarves are becoming far more popular. I know I’ve gotten quite a few as gifts over time but only knew two or three ways to wear them. That was only with heavier scarves, like the ones that go under a coat to keep your neck from freezing on a winter day.

For those stunning fashion accessories, my knowledge dropped down to one or two ways, which is a shame because scarves can be the perfect accessory that can change that can make a little black dress suitable for any occasion and give you a far larger wardrobe even if you only have a few suits or dresses.

I learned so much from watching this video that I now am asking for scarves for my birthday, Christmas and other celebrations where gift giving is part of it. This video should be a must for women entering the workforce. It provides a lower cost accessory that can change a few useful items of clothing into hundreds of different looks.

You’ll love not only the ideas but the entertaining presentation. I watched it three times already just to see the 25 Wendy’s in the box interact. Yeah, I do need a hobby or a more exciting life.