Why Would Anyone Ever Rub Baking Soda on a Steak? There’s a Super Good Reason!

You have a mighty worker in your kitchen cabinet and may not even know it. That bundle of energy is suitable for a multitude of uses from cleaning to cooking and even has some medical uses. What am I talking about? It’s baking soda.

The yellow box is deceptively simple looking, but this powerhouse can help you in some ways. Most people know that baking soda, particularly when combined with white vinegar, makes a great soft scrub for tubs, but did you know it also can be a super great plant food?

You may know it’s excellent to keep stinky smells from permeating your refrigerator, but did you also know it could keep you smelling fresh too?


This amazing video gives plenty of uses for baking soda, one of which I have to try soon, or I’ll simply burst! The video noted that you could rub pure baking soda on a cheap steak, like you would a rub, allowing it to sit in your refrigerator for several hours, three to five, rinsing it off thoroughly before using it.

While it won’t flavor your meat, it will do something even better, tenderize it, making it as deliciously melt in your mouth tender as a far more expensive cut of meat. Now that’s what I call a money saving miracle!

Watch the video below: