You’ve Been Cleaning Your Oven The Wrong Way

You don’t have to scrub, use toxic chemicals or muscle your way through oven cleaning to have a bright clean oven that you’ll be proud to let other people see. Cleaning your oven shouldn’t cost a fortune either or be so toxic the family has to move outside for the day, including Rover and Kitty.

In fact, cleaning an oven can be as simple as taking few minutes to apply non-toxic inexpensive product and then letting the oven do the rest itself. The formula below will change any oven to an “almost” self-cleaning one and get off burned on food without hardly any effort.

This process takes two steps: First, the oven itself, then the glass window.

Here’s what you need:

  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  • Baking soda
  • A rag
  • Vinegar
  • A small bowl

And here’s how to do it:

The oven:
Start by removing the racks in your oven to give you easy access to the interior.

Get out the trusty baking soda and mix it with enough water to make it into an easily spread paste. If it clumps and flakes when you put it on, add more water.

Put it on all the interior walls of the oven, except the window, which you’ll do later. Allow this to sit on the oven walls at least 12 hours. Some people let it sit overnight, but it may not be long enough to remove all the grit and grime.
(A half hour before you remove the paste, spread the same type of mixture onto the oven window.)

Let sit over night. The baking soda will need at least 12 hours to work its magic.

When time is up, dampen a rag and remove the baking soda. No matter how hard you try, you’ll probably still have a residue left on the oven walls.

Remove the residue by spritzing the oven with a spray bottle of white (distilled) vinegar until the entire oven looks clean.

Come back with a damp rag and wipe the vinegar off the oven walls.

Put the racks back into the oven and set the temperature for as low as possible to dry it. It should only take about 20 minutes to finish and let it dry.

Here’s How to Clean the Glass Oven Window:

Take the baking soda and add some water to get a thick paste.

Apply the paste on the window.

Let sit for 30 minutes.

Use a rag to wipe the window clean.

Another Tip:
You can clean the oven racks by soaking them overnight in the tub with hot water with dish or laundry soap added. You can also put them in a plastic bag, add two cups of ammonia to the bag, seal it and allow it to sit overnight. Open the bags in the morning in a well-ventilated area and rinse the racks.

Coating the racks in baking soda and spritzing them with white vinegar, followed by a long hot bath in the tub can also get the racks clean. You may need to use a little elbow grease no matter which way you clean them. An old toothbrush works well for this.

If you haven’t been cleaning your oven like this, then you’ve been doing it wrong. You will be surprised how effective this Newsner method is.

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