20 Creative DIY Coffee and Side Tables

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I’m not one of those who think that coffee tables are a fad and although accept the fact that one can leave a perfectly happy life without them, I make sure I have a funky one in my living room. Before jumping to conclusions and assume that I spend a lot of money on fancy items that eventually become unfashionable, hear me out. A truly original coffee table is not one you purchase at IKEA or a more expensive furniture shop, but one that you make yourself using objects that you already own.

To be perfectly honest, I must say that the more awkward the items you plan on using for crafting a coffee table, the more time will take and the more effort you will have to invest. On the bright side, if you persevere and follow through with your plan, the outcome will meet and exceed your initial expectations. Speaking of awkward items, let’s just say that anything from windows and crates to shutters and stools qualify and the combinations are endless as long as you have just a bit of imagination.

Naturally, not all of these coffee tables will fit in nicely in rooms packed with custom-made furniture, but if you choose originality over uniformity, homemade products are the way to go. The best thing about this do-it-yourself solution is that the coffee tables seem to have a life of their own and can be constantly adjusted. By simply applying paint, adding some accessories or removing a significant part of your original coffee table, the product changes dramatically and keeps the décor fresh.

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1.) Wine Crate Coffee Table

Regardless of whether you’re an artist or creative, I refuse to pay $500+ for a new coffee table. My first thought was making a pallet coffee table. Pallets are free and with a few scrapes of wood you could throw it together fairly easy. BUT, everyone’s doing that now, so I had to find something unique. 😉 I started sketching out some drawings for building my own table and then the idea came to me and I knew it was something original.



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