8-Minute Fat Burning Bed Workout – Short but Effective


Think you have to get outside and go for a run or schlep in your car to the gym to get a workout in and burn some fat? Think again. You can burn off fat and tone up with this fat-burning quickie workout in bed.

I’m a little bit of a lazy exerciser which is why I love quickie workout in bed because you wake up, and you simply start pushing your legs. And that leads to starting your ab exercises, your butt exercises, and suddenly you’ve done a total body workout while you haven’t stepped off your feet from your room.

As a matter of fact, our body slows down at night and does not require as much energy. Therefore, some of the nutrients taken in at evening meals get stored as body fat because of inactivity. Add some of these exercises to your routine before retiring or after you wake up, and you can burn your belly fat in no time.

Credit: Joanna soh

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