You’ll Probably Never Drink Soda Again Once You See This Video


I used to drink Coke all the time. It gave me a sugary lift that I often needed and was my favorite drink on a hot summer day. One day my doctor asked me all the foods I ate, since I was having some problems he thought might be related to my diet.

I did mention Coke and when I had to tell him how many a day I drank, realized it was time to cut down on my intake. Since then, there’s been a lot of talk about the harm that soft drinks can cause to the body, Coke in particular.

This video was an eye opener. It not only made me wonder about Coke, but also Coke Zero. I watched the video and realized just how much sugar there was in one can, more than I’d probably eat in a batch of fudge! However, I also wondered what was left in the bottom of the other pan. Was it a chemical, coloring or what. Just watch and you’ll be amazed at it. You probably won’t drink another Coke for a long time!

Credit: HomeScience