Dealing Plastic Wrap that Wont Stick To the Surface


UGH! For something that’s so great for storage, plastic wrap can be a real pain when you’re using it. I had a whole roll of the inexpensive kind that I had to use twice as much whenever I wrapped food. That’s because I had to make sure it went all the way under the dish, where I used the weight of the dish to keep the wrap on top. It just wasn’t self-sticking. That’s what I get for buying a “bargain brand.”

Even worse than the cheap stuff is the good stuff that sticks to itself like magic, even when you don’t want it to do that. I don’t know about you, but I’ve lost probably a whole role of plastic wrap over my cooking lifetime because I simply didn’t want to take the time to untangle it and just pulled off another sheet. I found this great video on plastic wrap at YouTube by Chow that solved both the tangle and the stickless problem. The solutions were easy-peasy and didn’t require a lot of effort. That’s my kind of solution.

Watch the video below and get plenty of tips on how to tame your plastic wrap and love it again.

Credit: Chow

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