DIY Charging Cell Phone Holder (…from a plastic bottle)


I absolutely fell in love with this one. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve knocked my phone off the counter while it was charging or was in need of the counter space while I cooked and plugged it in somewhere else only to forget where it was.

I watched this video closely and then looked around the house to see if I had any plastic bottles suitable for the project. I had one that was slightly bigger than the phone, but it left enough room for me to tuck in the extra cord.

This was so easy that I’ve made several since and given them to friends. I had a package of stick on hooks and included one with each cell phone holder. I think you could probably spruce them up a bit and create really unique ones for gifts. Either way, I love this idea and once you try it, you will too. It’s really free, except for the plastic wall hook, which you may already have available.

Image: makeitandloveit

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