DIY Wall Clock from Photos

Unfortunately, time is always of the essence and except for those few rare occasions when we can go through the day with complete disregard of time, the clock is always a useful device. While smart phones and various gadgets do the trick of keeping us up to date while on the road or working, the role of a wall clock can’t be assumed by either of these devices. If you have the option of decorating your home while installing a practical device, there is virtually no reason to pass on the opportunity.


Instead of purchasing such a product, people should contemplate the advantages of making their own classic clock using photographs. The idea itself is enticing, because with a bit of imagination and very little work, one can beautify his apartment. There is truly much more than meets the eye about a clock made of photos, at least for the owner who gets to choose which images make it on the wall. You can arrange them chronologically, so that each hour will take you back in time at a very precise date that has a special meaning for you, or randomly, without stripping the clock off its inherent beauty and originality.

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