Flower Arrangement Trick – Easy Trick to Arrange Flower in a Vase


Every once in a while our grocery store sells bouquets of flowers for a ridiculously low price and I buy them. There’s nothing more luxurious to me than having fresh flowers in my house. However, I am limited on the types of vases I have and even then, the flowers always end up falling short of my expectations in appearance. But that’s a problem from the past that won’t happen again.

I’ve even used an old mayonnaise jar as a vase when I bought several bouquets that were ridiculously low priced. It looked fantastic using this idea and the flowers covered the rim perfectly so you never knew what it was.

As noted before, you can make any glass container into the perfect vase when you use the trick in this video. It costs only pennies and you can change the appearance of an ordinary $2 or $3 bouquet into a one that looked like it just arrived from the florist. I love this idea and now have fresh flowers in my home more frequently. It’s the one thing that I splurge on, but it is so worth it.

image: davehax

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