Clever Tricks for Cleaning Inside and out of your Toaster


I love watching Rachel Ray when I have time, but have to miss quite a few programs. She has so many household hints and recipes that I’ve used in the past, so frequently I go to her website and scan the videos and articles in search of something I’ve missed. I found a great one that you might have missed too. When I clean, I try not to neglect any of the appliances, but lets face it, I’m rushing as fast as I can before I lose the mood, so sometimes things are missed.

I have a scheduled thorough refrigerator cleaning every month and clean my stove weekly, but can’t remember the last time I cleaned the entire toaster, not just wipe off the outside. This video reminded me that the crumb tray and inside of the toaster needs cleaning just as much as the exterior. It’s so easy, it’s on my weekly schedule. Watch and you’ll be heading for the kitchen to clean your toaster.

Watch the video below:

Credit: Rachel Ray Show

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