How to Get rid of Bacne Back Acne


Seriously, it’s bad enough to worry about acne on your face, but as warmer weather arises, now I have to worry about zits on my back—bacne—too! Sleeveless tops can even be a problem and don’t even think about me wearing those cute tops with the open back. I had to start shopping for clothes that covered my entire back or do something about the problem. I chose to do something about the problem and it was off to research the subject.

I found a few hints that I used on my face and tried them on my back, but they were difficult to use and messy. They also didn’t have the same good results as they did on my face. Maybe it was because of the constant rub of clothing. Then I ran across this video and her back mask worked perfectly. It didn’t cost a fortune either. I think you’ll find it easy to follow and just as successful as I did.

Credit: Melinda Xiong

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