How to Remove Scuff Marks from Sneakers Using This Household Item


Whether you’re buying a new pair of sneakers for your kids or for yourself, they aren’t cheap and you want to keep them looking fresh and new as long as possible. Sometimes there are scuffs and marks on the white part that simply won’t come off with normal cleaning. They make it obvious this set of shoes have been around for a while and can detract from the overall look. Scuffs can occur the first time you wear the sneakers and that’s even more frustrating.

I loved this little tip because it used ingredients I already had at home and works like a charm. I tried it first on a really old pair of shoes that I’d written off the rubbery part as permanently dirty and marred. Amazingly, it made the bottom look like new again and revived the overall look of the sneaker.

They were already clean everywhere else, so all I had to do was buy new laces and they were ready for another round at life. I found that buying decorative laces can also spruce up the look quite a bit and make even you think these are brand new.

Credit: T Blake

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