You’re Tying Your Shoes Wrong

how to tie a shoe
Velcro shoes are a friend to children. They simplify getting ready to go to school. But there comes a time when everyone must embrace learning to tie their shoes. While most children are able to do this by the time they are five, others may need a couple extra years. This isn’t always the easiest of the motor skills for them to accomplish.

So how do you tie your shoes?

Take the shoelaces and hold them side by side so they are both the equal length.
Take the laces now and make an X with them. Now pull them tight.
Make a loopy bunny ear with both the strings that remain.
Now take the bottom bunny ear and take it over and then under the other ear.
Keep pulling until you have the ears perfectly tied into a knot.
Your shoes are now tied and will not come undone.

If you want to keep the above in mind and use a little story, you can do the following:

Take the laces to the X and pull them together tight.
“The Bunny crosses his ears over each other because he becomes scared”
“The Bunny runs around the tree because he hears the dog”
“The Bunny sees the dog and jumps into his hole”
“The Bunny snuggles with his mommy tight, and sleeps through the night”

No matter what it takes to simplify this process for you, remember that the ultimate goal is to end up with your shoes tied.