The Right Way to Wear a Bra |How To Wear A Bra Correctly


Like most ladies, I put on a bra almost every day of my life. This part of my morning had become so routine that I didn’t give it an ounce of thought — that is until I learned I’d been doing it wrong all along. I figured once you have the bra on, back clasped, and straps up, that was pretty much it.

While this certainly works—I’ve been getting by just fine for all the bra-wearing years of my life—there’s a short series of steps after you have the bra on that are crucial for properly fitting the bra to your body and supporting and lifting your breasts.

When you put on a bra without doing the scoop and swoop, the bra acts more as a cover for the breasts — the breasts are un-lifted and squished by the bra, and sometimes for bustier women, tissue migration can occur, where some of the breast tissue is pushed into the armpits.
Doing the scoop and swoop improves overall bra fit because it positions your underwire and bra cups to properly lift and support your breasts.

Credit: glamrs