Another ATM Hacker Alert! But This Time with a Prevention Technique

It seems like everyday there’s another way bad guys can steal your ATM card number and pin, giving them full access to your bank account. I now use cash at gas stations or pay inside rather than at the pump. I seldom shop online with my primary debit card, but use a prepaid card specifically for that task. I no longer shop with a credit card, but instead use a debit card. Now, with the latest scam, I have to worry about shopping at my local brick and mortar store and using a debit card! YIKES! If there’s money to be had, scammers will find a way to get it, unless you’re in the know and successfully block their attempt.

This video by Mark Rober an engineer at Jet Propulsion Laboratory will help you identify the threat and learn to overcome it. You’ll longer be susceptible to a cyber thief stealing your hard earned cash, at least not in this way. If you find the information useful, send the link to friends and family or post it on Facebook to alert others. You’ll not only save yourself heartbreak and hassle of getting a new account or card, you’ll also be helping a friend prevent the damage a cyber hack like this can cause.