Mini Panda Cupcakes Recipe

I’ve been eyeing to make these mini cupcakes for my tot’s birthday party in school. And guess what, these cuties were a big hit for children as well as the teachers alike.

I stumbled this recipe from Bakerella and the images were too enticing I have to try out the recipe and besides, the recipe seemed too easy and they were mini cupcakes too.

The instructions are easy to perceive or understand but I would like to give some pointers based on my experience.


1.) Frosting is very important and need in abundance on the cupcakes in order the chips to take hold and sink in particularly around the ears.

2.) Make sure to do this in advance as it takes time to pick out the white confetti sprinkles and drawing the eyes.

3.) When decorating the mouth, use the tweezers for more convenient. Putting these black or chocolate jimmies is time consuming.

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