Poaching Eight Eggs at Once? Impossible? Not When You Have This Information


If you’ve ever tried to poach a single egg at home, you probably ended up with most of white spread thinly across the pan and had to start again. Can you imagine how tough it is to poach more than one egg at a time? I know I can’t. I’ve never had much success with poached eggs and unfortunately that’s how my daughter likes hers.

I don’t feel bad though because she orders lightly poached in restaurant and gets either eggs where the cook took time to fry the egg and cut off any part that looked fried (even though you still could tell) or the stringy mess that I normally get, but with a hard yolk.

Once I watched the video where Bridget Lancaster showed how to poach eight eggs at a time, I found the mistake I’d been making for years. It all seemed so simple, just don’t use boiling water that tears apart the white before it gets a chance to harden.

Bridget also gave some extra tips on how to get the white to harden quicker. I’m armed and ready to poach eight eggs. I’ve got my skillet with a lid, four cups and all the necessary ingredients. Now all I have to do is find the other seven people, since I already have a poached egg lover who will be tickled about my new found cooking skill.


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