Give Your Gifts in Style with This Adorable Bow


I love giving to other people and a shower for a special occasion is one way to do it, whether it’s a wedding shower or a baby shower. It not only is a tradition for many families, it’s a gift in itself that can require a lot of work. Just cleaning the house to my mother’s specifications is enough to create a frazzle, but making the decorations, planning the games, creating a menu and making it is almost like a job where failure isn’t an option. In my family, a failed shower hangs over your head for ages with whispers at every get together about how this latest social event was far better than “you-know-who’s” attempt.

This one had to be perfect. It was for my favorite cousin’s wedding. We were inseparable as kids. She chose a palette of colors rather than one or two colors. My how times have changed since my wedding. The colors were not easy to find for decorations. Her palette included coral, lavender, teal and bright yellow, which didn’t sound appealing at first but really turned out nice. I decided to create many of my own decorations and found thin ribbon to make small bows to glue on a yellow paper tablecloth. I got the idea from watching the video below that showed how to use a fork to create the bows. They turned out fantastic, even though I was a little dubious at first.

Watch the video and love it. These tiny bows would make great small gift toppers and do make the perfect addition for a holiday or special day decoration. Or you can stick 4 chopsticks on a styrofoam, you can make larger bows!

Credit: Handimania

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