DIY: Fix Scratches in Wood Furniture

Whenever I go to a party or any festivity for what that matters, I do my best not to misplace my cup of coffee or juice and always use coasters when placing it on wood. I expect the same from my guests, but this is not always the case and accidents tend to happen more often than necessary. Crying over spilled milk makes no sense whatsoever so, if your favorite piece of furniture is scarred by scratches, don’t just sit there moping but do something concrete to mitigate their effects.

Here is one do-it-yourself remedy that I know for a fact that works which won’t set you back financially and won’t consume a lot of your time. What you need is a quarter of a cup of vinegar and three times more olive oil, to brew a mixture capable of removing these annoying scratches. Obviously this is not a miracle solution and if these scars go deep into the wood, you won’t make them disappear altogether but they will simply become more difficult to notice.


The main upside of using this homemade mixture for dealing with scratches is that your furniture will look several years newer. Before contemplating a possible replacement of a table, chair or closet, take a couple of minutes to try this concoction and decide after. Another benefit is that once you apply it on the affected surface, it will not only look better but will become smooth once again, therefore usable.

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