Get Rid of Shower Mold for Good

The worst thing about shower mold is that you can’t get rid of it forever in one clean sweep, no matter what the advertisements say. My take on this problem is slightly different, as I am happy just to enjoy lengthy periods of peace with no pestering mold. When the time comes, I just use the same homemade remedy, which translates into lower costs and no hassle. I suggest you read through and check out the do-it-yourself remedy because facts will speak for themselves.

Those pockets of mold are difficult to see but they are there and you must find a way of cleaning every little bit of mold, otherwise the colony will start anew. What you need is bleach, a regular nozzle bottle and some beauty coils to get rid of even the wildest mold infestation. The idea is to fill up the bottle with bleach while applying the cotton all over those areas that you want to clear of mold, then soak it in bleach.


Once the operation is complete, you can sit back and relax because the final part is the most pleasant one as it only demands you to wait. The cotton imbibed bleach will start doing its job and in a matter of hours there will be no more mold beneath the cotton coils. Obviously, you need to be extra careful while applying the cottons and pouring bleach all over them, because you wouldn’t want to get the substance on your hands. Some latex gloves will come in handy, pun intended, but overall the investment is still tiny.

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