How to Get Soft, Younger Hands in 3 Steps + DIY Hand Cream


I was shocked the other day when I was putting on a sweatshirt and saw my mother’s hands come out of the sleeve. I knew it was time to start taking care of those workhorses that do so much for me and ask so little in return. I had neglected them for so long; they looked older than I actually was. They were dry and definitely not soft and supple.

I found this great video and it reminded me to exfoliate. I always do that for my face but have never done it on my hands. OMG! It was fantastic. The skin actually felt soft again. I also made up the hand cream suggested, and it’s great.

I carry a small container of the cream with me everywhere I go and apply it frequently throughout the day. The coconut oil makes it smell divine, and it really made a difference. While I’ve still got a lot of damage to repair, my hands are already looking younger, and it’s just been a week. I think you’ll love it too.

Smooth and soften your hands and feet (click here for soft feet tutorial ) with a weekly routine that uses all-natural, healthy ingredients you can find at your local drugstore and around the house.

Credit: iamvanessa

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