How to Hang a Sweater so They Dont Get Ruined

how to hang a sweater

UGH! I hate hanging sweaters on a hanger because they always end up with those pointy shoulders that look like epaulets on a military officer’s uniform. I’ve considered wearing a cap, aviator sunglasses, donning a corncob pipe and pretending I’m General Douglas MacArthur but it seemed a bit extreme. Instead, I decided to find a way to store those sweaters so I didn’t end up with the mountain peaks on my left and right. Storing them in a drawer wasn’t an option. I bought some inexpensive clear plastic four drawer storage containers, but the sweaters ended up wrinkled.

Rather than settle for either, the wrinkled look or the pointy look, I searched on the internet to see if someone had an answer. YouTuber HowDoesShe had a perfect idea. You could hang the sweater, without getting the points. Now I’m using the storage for makeup and my hair products. It works like a champ.

When you hang your knits, they stretched out and look droopy also you get dents on the shoulder. Try this hack with your sweaters to free up some shelf space and reduce those lines and creases in your clothes!

Credit: Howdoesshe

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