These Delicious Omelets Are So Simple To Make In a Muffin Tin


I found this super great idea on Everyday Food. Sarah Carey demonstrated how to make Denver omelet cups and I couldn’t wait to create these myself. In fact, I even insisted the family eat a brunch the following Saturday. These were easy to make and came out absolutely delicious.

In fact, my family decided a brunch every Saturday might be a great idea. What have I started!!! It was fun though and I didn’t have a lot of work during the meal. I also found a way to get the kids to pitch in, making the muffin cups while I chopped the innards for them, like the peppers and onions.

I think I’ll serve these after sunrise service on Easter, but before that, I’m going to try a few ideas. I might try making the shells the night before and see if the cups taste just as good and I’ll definitely chop everything ahead of time.

I also bought several muffin trays, since we have a large extended family. That way, I’ll be able to make some with a soft yolk and some with a firm one. Watch the video, you’ll love the idea and want to try it too.

Credit: EverydayFood

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