8 Amazing Icebox Cakes With No Baking Required

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Icebox cakes are loved for being the easiest dessert you can put together. Often times they’re nothing more than a simple two-ingredient cake — usually chocolate wafers and whipped cream — that you layer and refrigerate (or freeze). That’s it. No whisking. No baking. And they’re damn good this way. But, there’s so much more you could do be doing with this cake. With summer in high gear, now’s the time to do it.

Icebox cake recipes have unimaginable possibilities. You can flavor the whipped cream. You can swap the typical graham crackers or chocolate wafers for real cake. Or you can even make an icebox cake with chocolate and peanut butter pudding, draped in chocolate ganache and topped with chopped Snickers — it’s epic.

Here are the 8 Favorite IceBox Cake Creations:


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