Lose Weight Without Starvation and Exercise: Lie Only 3X a Day for 5 Minutes

I must admit, I wasn’t exactly sure about this one when I first read it, but this weight loss tip seems to work and best of all, it’s fast and takes very little effort. When people, myself included, first read that part about quick and very little effort, they’re sure it’s a scam designed to sell them something, but it isn’t.

It’s a technique created by a Japanese doctor, Dr. Fukutsudzi. Seriously, I couldn’t make that name up if I tried. You don’t have to spend hours on a treadmill or eat just celery for days and days to experience it….best of all, it’s free!!!

Dr. Fukutsudzi wrote a book that sold millions in Japan and throughout Asia, which may not guarantee it works but does say it’s very popular. In his book, he notes you don’t need special tools to achieve the weight loss you want, but just a large towel, such as a beach towel or bath towel, rope or twine to fasten it and a flat area.

lose weight with no exercise

Now, if you’re like me, you’re a lot more receptive to the possibility. You do nothing but lay in a particular position for five minutes, three times throughout the day. That seems easy, and it is.

The doctor found that many people have problems with the alignment of the pelvic bone and subcoastal bone, which can cause the accumulation of fat, particularly in the waist and abdomen. He identified the problem and then created a way to solve it by designing this exercise.

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How to Do Dr. Fukutsudzi’s Exercise

Fold the towel to a width slightly wider than the back, then roll it. Fasten the towel with the twine, string or even tape.

Find a firm, flat surface that allows you to stretch out straight with your arms pointing stretching as far up above your head as you can. You’ll need all the space for the “non” exercise.

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Put the rolled towel under your back, in the small of it, directly in line with the navel.

lose weight without exercise
Your legs should be shoulder width apart, but bent toward the inside so the big toes touch each other…but not the rest of the foot.


Your arms will be fully extended above your head with the palms down, intertwining the small fingers of the right and left hand.

You might think this sounds way too simple, but once you try it, you’ll realize its actually a little tough to do and to hold for any length of time. Insuring you pinky swear yourself—connect your little fingers above your head—is very important and probably one of the hardest parts, next to touching your big toes together.

Hold it for as long as you can at first, gradually working up to five minutes three times a day if you can’t do the full five minutes immediately. Also, you don’t want to jump right out of bed after doing this exercise. First roll on your side, then move to a sitting position and finally stand.

Be consistent in doing it three times a day to see results.

Here’s the video for reference:

A Word of Caution
If you have any health conditions, particularly problems with the spine or bone disease, always consult your health care professional before proceeding with the exercise.

You’ll also notice some discomfort initially. That occurs because your bones and alignment are returning to the natural position where your body functions its best. Again, if this happens, take it slower, giving your body more of a chance to adjust to the movement. Start with as little as a minute three times a day and work up to the five minutes. That allows the tissues and configuration to change more slowly.

You’ll know you have the right position when you feel the movement. If the towel is under the ribs, then you’ll feel your chest lifting, but in the small of the back, below the rib cage, you’ll notice your waist more involved. That’s why it’s important to ensure it’s directly from the area in the back in line with the navel on the top.

I didn’t believe this would work, but I did give it a try and was amazed. You should do the same, after all, it’s free, so you’ve got nothing to lose. Take your measurements before you do this and after you finished.

My Results
I didn’t see much difference the first few times but after less than 2 weeks, noticed I’d lost an inch from the waist, abdomen and right below the breast. As a bonus, I also stretched and am now just a smidgen taller than I was before I started. That’s because it also works to improve your posture. Improved posture increases your height and leads to better health.

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