Pull Through Braid Hair Tutorial


I just love this romantic hairstyle and was amazed at just how simple the process was to achieve it. I didn’t say quick or any other word that would indicate that it could be done fast because, for me, it took a bit of time.

Not an hour, but longer than the two minutes I typically give to my hair in the morning. I think once I do it a few times it will come quicker. Until then, I’ve put this video in my favorites and will watch it each time I create this style.

I love the soft ultra sexy look it gives that isn’t brash or brazen, just sophisticated and beautiful. One thing she mentioned in the video was not to put the elastic bands in too tight. She was right. I started mine way too tight and had to take them out and start over because of it.

Watch it and try it. It’s a great look.

image: Annie’s Forget e Knot

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