How to Wrap, Store and Organize Your Frozen Goods – The Best Way to Store Food in the Freezer


Seriously, how many of you have been so proud of all the food you made ahead, bought on sale or divided into individual servings and frozen, only to eventually throw out because you weren’t sure when you stored it. I know I have. Worse yet, if you’re like me, you have a few bags in the freezer that remain there, not only because you can’t remember when you froze it, but because you aren’t sure what it is. I have one bag that I’m pretty sure is vegetable soup, but not that sure. I know I should pitch it, but really, it may still be good. While I can’t bear to throw it out, there’s no way I’m eating it.

In this video, you’ll learn some great tips on ways you’ll make your freezer more “user friendly.” I loved every one of the tips and plan to use each one starting now. Never again will I have a mystery bag in my freezer taking up space, but too scary to eat.


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