Want an Easier to Clean StoveTop? The Secret’s in Your Garage


If you’re tired of the endless scrubbing and elbow grease to keep your stovetop sparkling, you may be surprised at how easy it can be if you use this simple tip.

This requires a little preparation, but not very much and instead of hours of scrubbing, a quick wipe with a damp cloth will have your stovetop clean and shiny.

The secret? It’s as simple as waxing your car….and far quicker. Coating the stovetop with car wax is the secret to keeping it clean and shiny.

When a friend told me about this little trick, I was skeptical. Seriously, could something I have on the shelf in the garage be my answer to a cleaner kitchen? But it makes sense. You put car wax on a car to prevent scratches and keep your car looking dazzling, why not try it?

It worked like a charm. The car wax created a surface coat that allowed me to whisk away splatters and spills and keep it looking like new. I no longer have to scrub, but simply wipe away the remnants of my last cooking adventure.

How to Do it

  • Car wax is not a cleaning product, so before you head straight to waxing your stovetop
  • use a sponge and your usual cleaning product to get the surface of your range spotless.
  • Then, apply a car wax of your choosing, following the label’s instructions.

This polishing method is safe for all stove types (stainless steel, metal, and glass-ceramic), both electric and gas, and will even keep fingerprints and smudges down to a minimum.

The wax treatment should last anywhere from one to two weeks, so when you notice your stove is losing its waxy sheen, just wipe off the surface and apply more wax.

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