Tired of Buying Swiffer Refills? Put a Sock On it

Out of context, this would be the impolite way of telling someone to be quiet but it is also a brilliant solution of extending the life of you Swiffer device. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you know that this is a very popular cleaning device from Procter and Gamble. It does a great job at cleaning the floors and the only downside is that over the course of time the cost of pads and refills will pile up.

What I suggest is to use the original Swiffer but replace the consumables with ones that deliver the same results without requiring to be replaced that often. The sock you’ve read about in the title is supposed to replace the costly pads and the beauty of this do-it-yourself solution is that it comes naturally for those who have been using the Swiffer for years. The socks slide in an out easily and you can simply wash it after the cleaning operation is over and use it over and over again.

DIY swiffer refills

The pads are not the only things you would need to replace that this homemade solution can help you with, because the cleaning liquid itself is consumed even faster. Instead of buying the branded one all the time, consider the alternative of using a mix of water and vinegar with a couple of drops of dish soap. An empty bottle punctured at the bottom will serve as an excellent container for your cleaning liquid.

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